The People Pleasing Psychic Medium

Lydia (name and other personal details changed for privacy) was a single mother and professional organizer troubled by an inability to say “no” to other people and prioritize her own needs – no matter how busy or stressed out she was, she always seemed drop everything and take care of everyone around her before taking care of her own needs.

This being Miami, Lydia also worked on the side as a medium for spiritualist seances, but we didn’t get into that since it didn’t seem to an issue for her.

Inducing a trance state, I lead her through a very gentle progressive relaxation, continually reminding her that she had nowhere else to go or be and had full permission let go of her stress – that this was her time to take care of herself.

Satisfied that she was in a state of heightened subconscious receptivity, I next lead her on a guided visualization to a magical well deep underground, the font of a subterranean stream which would continually replenish her life force.

I explained (and she signaled her agreement by nodding) that it was her job to guard this special well, that the cavern in her mind’s eye was a kind of retreat to which she could return to rest and replenish at any time, and that only when she was satisfied that this well was full to overflowing should she even think about spending any more of her energy taking care of other adults without receiving a thing in return.

A gentle smile lit up her face as I let her know that she should drink from this magical well until she wasn’t thirsty anymore, and that when she felt ready, we could begin our return together to the normal, waking world.

As she emerged from trance, blinking her eyes in wonder, she suddenly started sobbing, tears streaming down her face.

“I’ve never experienced that kind of peace and quiet before,” she informed me:

“The place you took me, such tranquility! I love the spirits I channel (in seances), but they never shut up – I have to listen to them all day long, every waking moment, sometimes it drives me crazy! I haven’t had a break from them since I was a little girl – that was the first time I’ve been alone with my own thoughts in years!”

In a follow-up call a week later, Lydia reported greatly reduced stress and a new satisfaction with her life. No longer overwhelmed by the non-stop chatter in her own head, she now found it much easier to set boundaries with other people.

No further sessions were required.